Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast

Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast

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Escape Room Growing Small Town Nebraska

I Went to Escape, But Wanted to Stay

My friend Sara got me started on something.

When my friend Sara sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to an escape room...I jumped at the chance! I have been trying to get my family to go to one with me for years.

I don't know what movies you've seen and what books you've read, but escape rooms are...

Sheila's Shoutout Ep. 2: Dinner Theater, Honeymoon in Nebraska & More

Here are additional pictures from the second episode of Sheila's Shout-Outs.

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Here were some of the yummy treats on the tables this year at MarkeTech in Kearney through GROW...

Sheila's Shoutouts, Shout Out 1 - Whispering Pines, Escape Rooms, Kearney

Now, on the Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast -

Marcie and I were invited to visit Nebraska City and do a few podcasts from that beautiful, well-known hotspot in Nebraska.

*** This is a partial transcript from the Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast: Sheila's Shout Out 1.

Escape to a beautiful setting...

A Change in Plans Reunites Friends

You know how your plans can change? Well, on one of those change-of-plans days, I decided to join a friend for lunch at the Norfolk Noon Rotary Club, where I had been once before to speak about the Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast along with my co-host, Marcie. I teach piano lessons twice a week...

Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast

A New Adventure Begins...

"Hi, Sheila...I saw that you are doing copyediting as a job now. I wondered if we could chat. I have a few questions for you and I want to share about an event we are putting together."

That's how this all got started.

An acquaintance of mine from several years ago reached...