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Escape Room

I Went to Escape, But Wanted to Stay

My friend Sara got me started on something.

When my friend Sara sent me a text asking if I wanted to go to an escape room...I jumped at the chance! I have been trying to get my family to go to one with me for years.

I don't know what movies you've seen and what books you've read, but escape rooms are not creepy. Well, not the ones I ha...

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A Change in Plans Reunites Friends


A Change in Plans Reunites Friends 

Big smiles!
 Linda and Barbara are reunited. Only one of them was in on it.

You know how your plans can change? Well, on one of those change-of-plans days, I decided to join a friend for lunch at the Norfolk Noon Rotary Club, where I had been once before to speak about the Growing Small Town Nebraska Po...

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Shop Local in One Easy Stop


Shop Local in One Easy Stop

I adore small town shops and vendor fairs, so when I discovered Nebraska Created at the Sunset Plaza Mall in Norfolk, Nebraska, I was delighted to find both!

It's a Small Town Shop, It's a Vendor's Nebraska Created!

I found unique Nebraska-made gifts for family and friends and even found a "little something" for me. 

Store owner, Bonita Lederer, and I decided this was a photo opp!

I mean, if you're gonna buy something big, you should make sure it comes with a built in dolly. I had a great time whee...

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Growing Small Town Nebraska Podcast


A New Adventure Begins...

"Hi, Sheila...I saw that you are doing copyediting as a job now. I wondered if we could chat. I have a few questions for you and I want to share about an event we are putting together."

That's how this all got started. 

An acquaintance of mine from several years ago reached out to me through a Facebook PM, and out of that, a podcast was born. 


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